Domestic Assistant

Responsible to: Home Manager
Reports to: Home Manager


Our objective in Kilmorey Care Home’s is to provide a secure and caring environment with a homely atmosphere and to provide care and practice appropriate to individual residents of the highest possible standard.


The deputy domestic has a lesser job description than that of the domestic. A deputy domestic is responsible for helping to maintain the cleanliness of the home.


  • Brush, hoover and mop floors,
  • Clean and polish furniture and fittings
  • Clean toilets, baths and showers (first and last clean), sinks and sluices
  • Clean trolleys and screen wheels, window ledges, doors and frames, radiators and beds
  • Dust walls
  • Wash dishes, glasses, water jugs, cutlery and kitchen equipment
  • Collect rubbish and replace paper sacks
  • Assist with breakfast in the morning
  • Follow cleaning methods as instructed by permanent domestic staff.
  • Ensure that all liquids, cleaning materials and solvents are locked away at all times
  • Report any faults in equipment to the Manager
  • Report any accidents immediately to the Manager.
  • Follow the work schedules
  • Observe correct use and care of cloths and equipment.
  • Ensure all equipment is stored in the correct cupboard.
  • Observe good hygienic practices
  • Mop up spillages immediately.
  • Remove “wet floor signs” and cones when floors are dry and ensure the signs and cones are stored in the correct place after use.
  • For the welfare of both the residents and the Home, staff must be prepared to work together as a team
  • Read and understand the Home’s policies and procedures in relation to: health and safety, accident prevention, cleanliness of the home, infection control, laundry, fire prevention, fire procedure & C.O.S.H.H.
  • Conform to the Home’s dress code at all times.
  • Participate in staff induction and training in order to maintain the highest level of service to all residents
  • Any other duties that may be required by the Manager

This job description will be subject to review in the light of changing circumstances and is not intended to be rigid and inflexible but should be regarded as providing guidelines within which the individual works. Other duties of a similar nature may be assigned from time to time. It must be noted that in residential homes, residents may from time to time wish to participate in domestic duties (although not always on a regular basis), this is to be encouraged.

You should note that under the health and safety at work legislation you are required to take all reasonable steps while at work to ensure your own health and safety and the health and safety of those who may be affected by your acts and omissions at work. You are also required to co-operate fully with regard to the implementation of health and safety arrangements and you should not interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety and welfare.


It is important to remember that your work may bring you in contact with matters of a confidential nature and that any breach of confidentiality may render you liable to disciplinary action and prosecution. Be familiar with the charter of Residents Rights.

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