Responsible to: Home Manager
Reports to: Home Manager


Our objective is to provide a secure and caring environment with a homely atmosphere and to provide care and practice appropriate to individual residents of the highest possible standard.


Meet and greet visitors. Carry out general administration and telephony duties as instructed.


  • Ensure that the reception area is always welcoming and appropriately maintained. Keep the area tidy and clutter free.
  • Answer incoming telephone calls in a friendly and professional manner and transfer the call to the relevant person or department. If there is no one available take a message and ensure that the correct person receives the message.
  • Where possible answer any queries or escalate them to the relevant person. If you receive a call with a person wishing to make a complaint transfer the call to the manager or person in charge. If no one is available to take the call ensure that you offer an empathetic response and make an accurate note of all relevant information and inform the complainant that the manager will return their call as soon as possible. Ensure that the manager or person in charge is given the correct information.
  • Welcome visitors, give assistance to visitors and residents as required including the offer of refreshments.
  • Carry out all administration and housekeeping duties as requested by the manager, person in charge or head office.
  • Supervise communal areas for short periods if required.
  • Ensure deliveries, including medication, received at reception are given to the appropriate person and that medication is not left unattended at reception.
  • Manually and electronically record all admissions and discharges of residents in the relevant databases and files.
  • Collect newspapers and distribute them to residents
  • Prepare notices and posters and display on the correct notice board for residents, staff and visitors where required.
  • Accept and receipt monies and cheques paid into the home via the post or by visitors. Collect, receipt and record staff meal monies and monthly charges on a daily basis and ensure all money is stored securely in the safe and that the keys are kept in their correct location.
  • Money from petty cash and the residents cash book is to be recorded daily and weekly reconciliations are to be sent to head office.
  • Advise nursing staff immediately if a resident attempts to leave the building via front door.
  • Report any unusual activity to the person in charge.
  • Record staff attendance and ensure that when staff arrive and leave the building the signing in/out register is filled out. Report any staff member not signing in or out at the correct time to the manager.
  • Actively promote fundraising events for the patients comfort fund, e.g. dispensing bags to visitors and staff for cash for clobber.
  • Be familiar with Fire Drill, Safety precautions and COSHH
  • Ensure occupancy levels of the home are recorded daily in the register. Complete the monthly occupancy report and send it to head office via email on the last day of every month.
  • Collate monthly timesheets and rotas for payroll. Distribute payslips/end of year P60’s when received from Head Office
  • Complete the new employee profile and forward this and their P46, or P45 to Head Office via the post.
  • Complete weekly sickness proforma’ s and email them to head office every Monday.
  • Update and Maintain employee annual leave spreadsheet.
  • On the first Monday of each month send confirmation that the NISCC & NMC registration is valid and current for all care assistants and nurses.
  • Ensure each new patient completes and returns a service users contract and file in the patients file.
  • Ensure all filing is in the correct section of the file and up to date.
  • Update and maintain the Next of Kin database ensuring all information is correct on a monthly basis.
  • Ensure employee files are maintained and updated with relevant information on a monthly basis.
  • Ensure all training sessions have a sign in sheet and that is then scanned and emailed to head office.
  • Maintain the employee database ensuring all staff contact details are kept up to date and any changes are sent to Head Office.
  • Ensure all new policies are distributed to all staff and confirm receipt of the policies to the manager. All policies are updated yearly, ensure the most up to date policy is in the file.

This job description is not meant to be definitive nor restrictive and will be modified to meet changing needs.

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